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How Do You Accept Credit Card Payments on Any Device

A couple of years back, it could cost you a fortune to establish any business and for this reason, accepting credit card payments was expensive and a strenuous hassle. Therefore, it was easy and cost-effective to use cash only.

However, this has changed due to the advancement in technology. It is common to start a business since cheap internet and computers have made things easy where anyone can afford to establish a business.

Irrespective of the business you are operating, let it be managing a fast food shop or restaurant, or running a traveling company, accepting credit cards is effective than taking cash. The credit card processing service provider will deduct a small percentage, and you will require an iOs device and a card reader. Here are some of the things you must know to start accepting credit card payments for free.

Get a suitable hardware

If you are using an old computer or outdated mobile device, be ready to change it since it could be not usable for your business, and it cannot accept the latest payment systems.  Some of the devices that are compatible with the system include any iOs gadget that operates on at least iOs 5, an Android gadget that operates on android 2.2 or newer, a computer that uses Windows 8 and a Mac that has Snow Leopard.  While any device with the qualifications mentioned above will work, it is advisable to use an iPad 2 or newer, or iPhone 4 or newer to get best results.

Here are some of the things needed to start accepting payments:

A compatible smartphone or tablet that is not more than 5 years old or a PC that is not more than 7 years old. You also need a card reader commonly bundled with payment services that are provided for free by the service provider. You need a reliable internet connection whereby your business’ Wi-Fi or your phone’s 3G is suitable. You need a couple of hours to set up everything and troubleshoot issues.

Check out the available point of sale solution and choose the best

Numerous services allow you to accept credit card payments. They include Square, PayPal Here, and Innerfence Credit Card Terminal.


Square is the latest advancement in the point of sale filed that strives to bring a perfect equilibrium of features. It has the capabilities to turn your iPhone, iPad and Android device into a cash register. Any business owner with an iPhone, or iPad 2, you can download the application for free and obtain its companion card reader for free. After that, you can swipe your client’s card using your smartphone or use their application to change your iPad into attractive checkout system that is for your business.

PayPal Here

The largest e-commerce firm entered into the physical business realm by introducing PayPal Here, which is a point of sale and mobile credit card processing service. Once you sign up for their services, they will send you a card reader for free. It is designed to integrate with another point of sale systems that can work with additional hardware or more. The advantage of using PayPal Here is that is available in many countries, and it has numerous ways to allow you to accept payments.

Innerfence Credit Card Terminal

This is a new firm that strives to offer a longer-established solution when it comes to accepting credit card payments. Since it is designed to support merchant accounts and comes with mac, computer, web applications and also mobile apps, you can accept payments anywhere.  It comes with a free card scanner that looks like a traditional card scanner which is compatible with your old macs and PCs.

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