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Credit Card Readers for iPad Point of Sale Systems

Mobile credit card reader is a portable device that you can slip into your wallet and process all transactions miles away from your business. Additionally, it allows you to pay for the cards that you have processed. The reader card is designed to be used in the iPad point of sale systems.

The reader has ended the credit card fraud in a simple way

Problems in the processing of transactions had become extremely all-encompassing such that in 2015, the US recorded the highest percentage of credit fraud. Chip and sign cards are a unified and impermeable solution that has proved to be effective in major towns. Therefore, every country should strive to embrace the transition to EMV (Europay, MasterCard, and Visa) technology.

The lethargy has not gone unnoticed since fraudsters are working hard to exploit magnetic stripe technology before the US embraces the chip and sign transition. Fraudsters boosted counterfeit card fraud up to 12.5 % in a quest to take advantage of lack of security. This means that any business that does not use the EMV credit card reader will be required to cater for the fraud loss. For this reason, you need to bolster the liability of your business through the use of credit card readers for iPad point of sale systems.

Embracing the change

EMV technology is designed to operate through a chip that is fixed on the customer’s card that is not easy to counterfeit.  The readers come with a software and hardware that improves the way you conduct your business. If you are the small business owner, this technology is the most affordable way to take your business into the new era. Additionally, in case you run a traveling firm, your point of sale will swiftly move with you, and the reader comes with some applications that simplify your bookkeeping tasks.

The credit card reader is designed in a unique way such that it can keep track of your stock, feed figures into excel spreadsheets and automate your payouts awaiting to be processed by your accountant.

A mobile credit card reader has numerous talents

Before the introduction of credit card reader as a means of controlling the point of sale, retailers used thousands of dollars in their system that unavoidably required to be upgraded within a couple of years. Currently, the wireless credit card reader is designed to execute all Point of sale tasks, even if you have several employees using their own credit card readers. Additionally, your workers’ smartphone can work as hubs since most of the devices are credit card reader for iOS and Android.


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