Sell On Facebook And E-Commerce Site: How To Benefit From Both Platforms

It seems like everyone with a business ides and wants to start up a company is rushing to invest in e-commerce. In Canada alone, there are thousands of e-commerce websites, but not all of them are enjoying the experience. It is good to know that Facebook is one of the most important platforms for any e-commerce enterprise that wants to make maximum profits. To be able to sell on Facebook, you need to ensure the following;

Get the right e-commerce software

Finding the right e-commerce platform usually is the hardest part of selling on Facebook. That is because most entrepreneurs are afraid of taking risks when it comes to investing online for the first time. Since low prices attract most of them, they end up going for e-commerce platforms that make it impossible to do business on Facebook. That is because this software typically has limited abilities and will not make it possible for you to direct more buyers to your site. For starters, some will only allow you to sell a specific number of products at a time; hence, no need to invite everyone to buy.

If you make the mistake of sending masses to such an online store through Facebook, you will get discouraged by the kind of comments you will receive. What worsens the situation is that such platforms won’t allow you to upload as many products as you want.

Your management system must include social media advertising

One of the reasons why Shopify is the most popular e-commerce platform in Canada is because it offers a seamless Facebook selling feature. Apart from marketing your products and selling directly through the social media platform, Shopify provides you with a better way of collecting data from you’re your Facebook customers and using the information to offer better products and services. With such a platform, your reach on Facebook should be vast within a short time. Take note that it takes the right e-commerce application to have such ability. Thanks to Shopify robust app store, you can get the perfect app to get your Facebook sales to roof not forgetting other specialized apps.

Build a good following on Facebook

It is always not clear why most brands want to have thousands of followers on their Facebook pages. For an average person, this is just a publicity stunt for marketing, but how does it work? It is good to know that persistent marketing is one strategy that will win you more customers with time. The reason why you will want a good following on Facebook is that you will want as many people as possible to see your ads.  That way, you will stand a better chance of converting most of them to your loyal customers. To avoid losing followers, it is good to know that you will need to properly manage your Facebook page by providing planned posts with relevant information.

Your site must be ready to serve your customers

It is good to know that even the best online sellers much rely on Facebook because it is one sure source for customers who are ready to buy. It is therefore essential to ensure that you are leading your customers to the right destination by having a website that will offer the best services. There have been so many cases of new e-commerce websites breaking down a few moments after going viral on Facebook because their online shops were hosted on the wrong servers. To avoid such disappointments, you will need to make the best choice of software to use for your shop. It is quite easy to lose customers through such unexpected occurrences, and the worst part is, disappointed customers will comment about it on your page.

Put your creativity into good use

Since everyone now knows that Facebook is an excellent place to find buyers, it is ever since flooded with pages all trying to sell something or push an agenda. Even the people you are going to be up against in whatever product or service you will be dealing with already have been marketing on Facebook. That, however, does not mean that you are not capable of gaining more followers fast. Other than sponsoring ads, you may want to give your ads a unique approach that will blow the minds of your customers. Remember that on Facebook, you can post videos and pictures which are considered the best marketing methods.

SEO works on Facebook too

It is good to know that with proper Facebook marketing, you should be able to catch up with established companies faster than you thought. It is known that SEO is an essential e-commerce marketing technique since most buyers start looking for products through search engines. After it was realized that some sites performed poorly yet made sales through Facebook, SEO had to be incorporated so that customers can be given more accurate results when looking for items to buy. With that said, it is imperative to write captivating captions that are relevant to the keywords associated with your company.

Seamless product management

Through your site, you can be posting up new products and share them as ads on your Facebook page. For you to benefit appropriately from this, it is good to have software that has a flexible product management software that can allow you to upload as many products as you want. Know that one of the things that customers look for while searching for the right place to be shopping is how regular you update the site with new products. The faster they believe your goods are moving, the more they will trust your brand. Whenever you upload a new product on your site, always make sure to share it on your Facebook page.


Without Facebook, and other social media platform, digital marketing for online shops can be impossible because people would have nothing to do online. By knowing this, your social media, marketing should be first class even if it means investing a little money to entice people to follow you. Read more